Matan Vilnai, President

Matan Vilnai was born in 1944 in Jerusalem. He served as a career officer in the IDF, attaining the rank of Major-General. He has a B.A. in History from Tel Aviv University. In 1984, he became a fellow at the Center for International Affairs, at Harvard University, Boston; in 1998 he became a fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C. Matan Vilnai is a member of the Labor Party.

Matan Vilnai had a distinguished military career serving in the IDF for 35 years and reached the rank of Major-General. During the Yom Kippur War, Matan Vilnai was commander of a task force in Sinai. In 1976 he was deputy commander of the Entebbe rescue mission. From 1978-1982 he was Chief Paratroop and Infantry Officer. In 1989 he was appointed OC Southern Command. From 1994-1997 Major General Matan Vilnai was Deputy Chief of the General Staff. On retiring from the IDF and until elected to the Knesset he was involved in economic affairs.

Elected to the Knesset in 1999, Matan Vilnai was appointed Minister of Science, Culture and Sport in August 1999, and served as Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Israeli Arab Affairs. As a Member of Knesset, he has served on the Foreign Affairs & Defense, Science & Technology, Constitution, Law & Justice, Ethics, and Foreign Workers Committees.

Vilnai was reappointed Minister of Science, Culture and Sport in March 2001, serving until until October 2002, when he resigned from the government together with the other Labor ministers. Matan Vilnai was elected to the Knesset in January 2003.

In January 2005 he was appointed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and in August 2005 Acting Minister of Science and Technology, and in November 2005, Minister of Science and Technology. He resigned his post at the end of November with the resignation of Labor from the government.

Vilnai served as Deputy Minister of Defense from July 2007 until March 2009. In April 2009 he was reappointed Deputy Minister of Defense in the Netanyahu government. In January 2011 he was appointed Minister for Home Front Defense.

Vilnai resigned from the Knesset in February 2012 with his appointment as Israel Ambassador to China. He continued to serve as Minister for Home Front Defense until his departure for China in August 2012.

Ran Cohen, Honorary President

Ran Cohen is a former Minister of Industry and Trade. Since 2009, he has served as the President of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, since 2011, Cohen has been Chairman of the Israeli Institute of Standards. Ran was born in Iraq in 1937, immigrated to Israel when he was 13, and grew up in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel.

After just a few years of living in Israel, Ran joined the army and served as a Colonel in the IDF. Following the army, Cohen competed a dual B.A. degree in Philosophy and Economics at Tel Aviv University. From 1984 to 2009, Ran served in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. He represented both the Ratz and Meretz parties and additionally headed several Knesset committees, including the Security and Foreign Affairs committee.

Ran is most often identified with the “Law of Public Housing”, which states that residents of government provided houses are allowed to assume legal ownership of their residency. Ran also served as the Chairman of the “Beit Or Aviva” Organization for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and provided lectures pertaining to legislation and public policy at several universities across Israel.

Ron Doron, Vice President

Ron Doron is a very experienced businessman specializing in marketing and business development mainly in and between the Asian, West, East & Central European markets, with over 35 years extensive activities in these different markets and with the Israeli industry.

Ron Doron is a very experienced businessman specializing in marketing and business development mainly in and between the Asian, West, East & Central European markets, with over 35 years extensive activities in these different markets and with the Israeli industry.

Ron is the CEO of Systematitech Ltd., Dies Company Ltd. & FCIL Ltd. and Board Member of StatiTech Ltd.

In the past he was VP International Marketing & Business development manager in leading Israeli company and later in a leading Swedish company in the field of security. He is as well Board Member of ELF- European Locksmiths Federation.

Ron is consulting to leading International companies in Asia and in Europe.Ron has joined the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce in 1985 and served as Vice president of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce for 4 years and later as the Chairman of the Israel-Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia Chamber of Commerce.

Ron holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering & Management (with distinction) from the Technion in Haifa.

Ben Bar, Vice President

Mr. Bar has an in-depth cultural and business knowledge of international markets in both mid- and high-tech industries, a business growth expert with extensive experience and understanding of Asian markets. Mr. Bar is responsible for the growth of a number of global companies and held senior positions while living in London for 10 years and in Hong Kong for 5 years. Served as CEO for TandaPro Ltd. (Hong Kong), CORALPLAN Ltd London (UK) and as Executive member & Senior VP in public companies such as Galtronics, Orbit FR and AMIAD.

Mr. Bar Joined the Chamber after returning from Hong Kong in 2002, served as the Charmian of the Finance and Control Committee, and in the past years is the Chairman of the Water Committee and Vice President, Israel –Asia Chamber of Commerce.

As a business growth expert, Mr. Bar is now focusing through his own Business Development and Project Development companies on mitigation and realizing opportunities generating growth between Western and Asian companies in the specific context of innovation and creating value. Mr. Bar received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Haifa, Studied Eastern Studies in the College for Oriental Studies (London), and holds with honors an Electronic Practical Engineer from the Technion.

Since 2015 Ben is the Co-Founder and CEO of ICi- Israel China innovation Ltd and the Founder and co-chairman of CIC. The China Israel Center in Haifa.

Dana Shahar, Managing Director

Dana joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2019 and is a strong believer in building trustworthy relationships towards achieving business goals.

Dana brings expertise in digital media and community management with a degree in Communications and Management.