Why & How ? Doing business in India

Dates: 17 February 2022

This coming Thursday 17.2 between the hours of 09: 00-12: 00 we will hold an online seminar called – Why & How? Doing business in India:

register ba calling : 03-5142819

The seminar will be attended by highly experienced speakers who will share with the audience their knowledge and experience on a variety of important topics for companies interested in operating in this large market.

The seminar is organized with the help of Shefa – Yoel Kaddish and Shaked Avraham – and this is a great opportunity for companies that operate in the market / have difficulty operating to learn how to do it right.

Attached is the invitation to the meeting and a link for details and registration: https://www.export.gov.il/school/course/why-and-how-to-do-business-in-india