Israel-Taiwan Chamber

The Israel-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce was established in order to better understand the special requirements of Taiwan, and to become familiar with Israeli business persons interested in developing relations and establishing activities in this jurisdiction.

The main purpose of Israel-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is to increase trading and business cooperation between Israel and Taiwan.

In order to achieve this goal, we provide essential services to our members who want to strengthen business ties in Taiwan, such as:

– Providing business consulting platform for companies and entrepreneurs

– Bringing Taiwanese trade delegations to Israel for mutual cooperation

– Organizing Israeli trade delegations to Taiwan to explore business opportunities

– Helping members to publish their business offers to relevant entities in Taiwan

– Providing workshops for members to better understand Taiwan and its trading potentials

– Assisting in establishing new business contacts


The Chamber is working closely with Taipei Economy and Culture Office in Israel to offer best possible results for its members.

Yael Hsu, Chairwoman

Yael Hsu, a business woman and consultant to leading companies in the Israeli industry, was born to a father from China and mother from Taiwan (1980). Following her studies in English language and linguistics at the Academy in China with honors, researched on the issue of Judaism and decided to immigrate to Israel for the purpose of conversion in Bnei-Brak. Israeli citizen since 2006.

Her talent and ability in business development were discovered shortly after receiving her first job in Israel’s leading mobile trading company, when by her own initiative managed to close the largest and most profitable deal in the company’s history, and succeeded to bring mobile manufacturers from Korea and Taiwan as close business partners.

In 2009 Yael returned to Taiwan, serving as Sales & Marketing Deputy Manager at the giant technology firm TECO and was responsible for China, Taiwan and Japan markets.

In early 2013 Yael’s family decided to return to Israel. Mr. Ohad Hirsch, her husband, a business developer and entrepreneur has founded the Chinese Business Consultancy “Yael Hsu”, which provides business services to leading Israeli companies, VCs, government offices and more. By 2015, Yael Hsu business consultancy represents a growing number of companies from China and Taiwan with business operations in Israel.