Sri Lanka

Israel-Sri Lanka Chamber

The Israel-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce was established in order to encourage and facilitate business relations between Israelis and Sri Lankans. The Chamber works cooperates with the Sri Lankan embassy in order to support mutual goals and to promote a better commercial understanding of Sri Lanka. To this aim, the Chamber has promoted courses, seminars, delegations and meetings. The Chamber is managed by Adv. Anat Bernstein-Reich.

Anat Bernstein-Reich, Chairperson

Anat Bernstein-Reich is a business development specialist for Emerging Markets. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of the Israeli office of A&G Partners, an investment and advisory firm operating on the axis of Israel, India, and Sri Lanka.

Anat is a columnist at The Marker, an Israeli business magazine, writing about India and its business dynamic, and is also a frequent speaker on “doing business in India”. She served as a consultant to The World Bank in Washington for various economic development projects, co-founded 2 start-up companies in the USA, and worked with Israeli technology incubators to promote strategic partnerships between Israeli and American technology companies within Silicon Valley.

Anat holds a LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, is a member of the Israeli Bar Association, and holds an MBA (with distinction) in Finance from the University of San Francisco.

Anat also serves as the Chairperson of Israel-India & Nepal Chamber of Commerce.