Korea Desk

The Korea Desk in the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce was established with the mission of promoting business between Israel and Korea.The desk’s main objectives are:

  • Promoting cooperation, joint venture and R&D of Israeli and Korean companies
  • Providing quality industry information to its members
  • Providing advice and consultation to Korean companies interested in establishing business relationships in Israel
  • Supporting and assisting Korean associations interested in using the resources of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce
  • Receiving business opportunities inquiries from Korean associations, KOTRA, Korea Embassy in Israel and other sources
  • Coordinating trade delegations and meetings for Korean associations and companies
  • Hosting business delegations from Korea and coordinate meetings with appropriate Israeli companies and trade associations
  • Organizing seminars and conferences about Korean new tech innovations, Korean business regulation and so forth

The Korea Desk aims to promote business cooperation from both countries utilizing vast experience, knowledge and expertise. The Desk is managed Dr. Saul Reichman, who is looking for cooperation with Korean organization and companies that seek to find business partners, agents, distributors, and any other kind of cooperation with Israeli companies or with the Korea desk.