Israel-India & Nepal Chamber

The Israel-India & Nepal Chamber of Commerce was established in order to better understand the special requirements of India & Nepal, and to become familiar with Israeli business persons interested in developing relations and establishing activities in these areas.

The Chamber provides a platform and forum for business persons interested in meeting and discussing with other like-minded individuals.

For this purpose, the Chamber has promoted courses, seminars, delegations and meetings.

The Israel-India & Nepal Chamber of Commerce is managed by , Mr. Raviv Byron, Adv. Anat Bernstein-Reich, Mr. Jacob Kattan, and Mr. Amnon Ofen.

Raviv Byron, President

Raviv Byron has been instrumental in establishing the Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce in Mumbai. He is an intermittent resident of Mumbai, India since 1994 because he has been traveling there intensively since 1983.

Since 1991, Raviv’s main business objectives and concentrations had and still have to do with developing bi-lateral relations between Israel and India mainly in the fields of agriculture and medical equipment.

Since 1991, Raviv is the Managing Director of PACE Agricultural Systems Ltd., an Israel-based company active in the establishment of turnkey agricultural projects in India. Projects like these are concerned with the development of crops, the supply of agricultural inputs, food processing, and marketing that has an emphasis on health foods.

Since 2006, Raviv has been the Managing Director of Haitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an India-based company that is the most active Israeli representative for market development in the fields of agriculture and medical equipment.

Anat Bernstein-Reich, Chairperson

Anat Bernstein-Reich is a business development specialist for Emerging Markets. She is also the co-founder and Managing Director of the Israeli office of A&G Partners, an investment and advisory firm operating on the axis of Israel, India, and Sri Lanka.

Anat is a columnist at The Marker, an Israeli business magazine, writing about India and its business dynamic, and is also a frequent speaker on “doing business in India”. She served as a consultant to The World Bank in Washington for various economic development projects, co-founded 2 start-up companies in the USA, and worked with Israeli technology incubators to promote strategic partnerships between Israeli and American technology companies within Silicon Valley.

Anat holds a LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, is a member of the Israeli Bar Association, and holds an MBA (with distinction) in Finance from the University of San Francisco.

Anat also serves as the Chairperson of Israel-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce.

Jacob Kattan, Vice Chairman

Jacob Kattan, born 1949, owns and heads JKD TRADING LTD, a 25-year-old diamond manufacturing, importing, and exporting company based in Tel Aviv, but also has a US subsidiary.

The company’s extensive ties to the Indian market enable Mr. Kattan among other matters, to initiate and advance the establishing of the Israeli branch of the State Bank of India
. He has also been active in the Israeli Diamond and Jewelry community since the early 1990’s – he is an active participant of the Israel Export Institute, the Diamond Manufacturers Organization, and the Diamond Exchange, where he currently serves as Senior Vice President.

He is also an active member Lahav, the Asia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and various charities. His academic resume includes Business Administration and Accounting studies from London and Israeli certificates in Business Mediation & Bridging.

Amnon Ofen, Vice Chairman

Mr. Amnon Ofen, an international expert in systems engineering and operation research, sustainable agriculture, water and irrigation.

Mr. Ofen has extensive experience both in academia – lecturer at the Technion, the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and in the private professional sector.

Mr. Ofen has been an advisor to many companies in Israel and abroad and has authored articles and books on agriculture and irrigation.

Serving as a representative in Israel of the big International Indian agro concern Jain Irrigation. Since 2006 he has been a director of the international Israeli irrigation company NaanDanJain Irrigation who is operating in more than 100 countries in the world.

Mr. Ofen is a member of the Public Council of Agro Technology, at the Israel Export Institute.

Mr. Ofen established the “India-Israel Business Enterprise Center” for the consultation and promotion of business relations between Israel and India.

Mr. Ofen received a special” Life  Prize”  from the Israel-India Chamber of Commerce for his contribution to strengthening Israel’s business relations with India.

Mr. Ofen serves as Vice Chairman of the Israel-India and Nepal Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of the Agriculture committee at Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce.