Israel-Armenia Chamber

The Israel- Armenia Chamber of Commerce was founded to serve as a facilitator of fruitful trade and business relationships between Israel and Armenia.

The chamber works to promote cooperation between the two countries with focus on promoting Israel- Armenia business and commercial relations.

The Chamber arranges events and networking opportunities, as well as trips and seminars and works to promote trade agreements.

The Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce is managed by Adv. Tsvi Kan- Tor and Mr. Suren Shahnazarian.

Tsvi Kan-Tor, Chairman

First Chairman and founder of the Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce Tsvi Kan- Tor was appointed as the Chairman of the Israel- Armenia Chamber of Commerce on January 2015.

Tsvi is the founding partner of Kan-Tor & Acco law firm, which specializes in Global Expert Mobility and considered to be a leading lawyer in the field. Among his public positions are membership at the GCRT committee at the International Bar Association, and chair of the visa committee of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.

Tsvi holds a LLB degree from Tel Aviv University and serve as co-writer of over 12 books on US immigration law, Israel entry law, Global Expert Mobility, and entrepreneurship of small business.

Among the accomplishments of the Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce:

  • Direct and regular flights between Israeli and Armenia.
  • Signing bilateral trade and taxation treaties.
  • A significant increase in the formal visits & tourism.
  • Major increase of bug companies in both sides in doing business.


Suren Shahnzarian, Vice Chairman

Suren Shahnazarian has served as the Vice Chairman of the Israel- Armenia Chamber of Commerce since 2015.

Suren is a certified member of the International Association of Movers and Freight Forwarders.

Suren works at Teamnet LTD as an Export / Import Manager, specializing in shipping, packing and moving and holds a Master degree in Literature from the Yerevan State Linguistic University.