Technology Committee

The technology committee works actively to sustain the country’s technological image as the “Startup Nation” in the Asian markets, and assits its members to become more informed about the technological trends and developments in Asia.


Eliezer Manor, Chairman

Eliezer Manor is a businessman engaged in hi-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital. His activities are carried out through his wholly owned company – Shirat Enterprises LTD.

Eliezer is a physicist and graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who spent many years with the Israeli Defense Forces and the R&D Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in the field of Electro-Optics.

His past and present activities cover the entire “spectrum” and sequence of hi-tech related activities. His experience includes High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel and the US, Angel investments and portfolio companies, Technological Incubation in Israel, Venture Capital in Israel and in the US, Corporate Venture Capital, joint programs with Multi-National Companies, joint programs with the Israeli and foreign governments, Investment Banking, and Stock Markets of Hi-Tech/Hi-Growth companies. He was and presently is a Board Member of private and public companies traded on NASDAQ and on TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange).

For this purpose, Shirat Enterprises LTD has a wholly owned subsidiary in China with Israeli partner Mr. Dov Mishor, and Chinese partner, Mr. Bob Chang. Mr. Dov Mishor served as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Mr. Bob Chang is a former Chinese venture capitalist.