Finance Committee

The Finance Committee was established in 2014 with Chairman Mr. Alex Averbuch from ASHRA – the Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation Ltd.

The Finance Committee provides members of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce with tools and resources to better understand the financial markets in Israel and Asia with an emphasis on solutions in credit insurance, investment insurance, and financing foreign trade transactions.

Furthermore, the Finance Committee can assist members by providing them with imperative information regarding financial institutions, and simultaneously introduce them to banks, insurance companies, and investors in Israeli and Asian governmental institutions, departments, and funds, which support Israel’s foreign trade.

Alex Averbuch, Chairman

Alex Averbuch holds the position of Head of Marketing with ASHRA -The Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corp. Ltd.

ASHRA, fully owned by the Israeli Government, encourages Israeli exports by insuring medium and long term export credit transactions and investments abroad.

Averbuch served in ASHRA as a Financial Analyst, Head of Governmental Guarantees Department, Export Insurance Department Underwriter, and Marketing Manager.

Averbuch is deeply involved into various foreign trade finance activities and participates in business forums, seminars, and events that promote International Cooperation and Israeli Export abroad.

Averbuch was in charge of the “National Agent Project” that promotes Israeli Exports to The Republic of China via Chinese trading companies. He also supports commercial and cultural relations development between Israel and CIS Countries.

Averbuch was also heavily involved with cooperation with local and foreign financial institutions, as well as Foreign Embassies in Israel and Economic Missions overseas.