Cleantech & Environmental Protection Committee

The committee works closely with social and professional organizations. Periodically linking Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce members with similar organizations, industries, and Environment/Cleantech companies that integrate professional networking.

The committee provides its members with the utmost professional advice, tools, and resources necessary to expand professional opportunities within the Israeli and Asian markets. Moreover, the committee seeks to provide members of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce with a way to better perceive and absorb the environmental and clean technology developments of Israel and Asia with an emphasis on prospective growth in the future

Yoram Gross, Chairman

Yoram Gross is the CEO of Wanson Technologies Ltd. (WT), a privately owned company specializing in System Solutions and Equipment, mainly for energy and environmental protection fields.

In addition to the systems and equipment offered, WT has established a branch in India. The Indian branch sources equipment and provides services to Israeli companies operating in Israel and in India. In as early as 1968, WT introduced the Israeli market to the Liquid Phase Heater (thermal oil) and has supplied hundreds of systems in Israel and abroad. In many plants these heaters are still referred to as “Wansons”.

WT represents some of the best Israeli manufacturers in these fields such as Thermax Limited, Oilon Energy, Cain Industries, Cybernetik Technologies and Super Scientific Works, to mention a few.

In the year 2000, WT made a strategic decision to expand its supplier base to the Far East and had a specific interest in India. Since then, WT has successfully introduced several high quality suppliers from India to the Israeli market.