Zoho and Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce announce economic cooperation for investment in Israel’s business ecosystem

| 12 June 2023

Dubai, UAE, June 12, 2023: Leveraging the continued success of the Abraham Accords, technology giant Zoho, in collaboration with the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce and with the support of the Consulate General of Israel in Dubai, announced today (Monday) economic cooperation with the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce.

As part of the collaboration, partner companies with the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce will receive complimentary access to Zoho’s business cloud products and expertise. Founded in 1996 by Shridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas as a small IT company, Zoho has since grown and today has become a major player in the global technology industry. The company has more than 80 million users worldwide spread in over 25 countries, including UAE and Israel, and last year its total recurring revenue was over a billion dollars.

“We are excited to partner with the Consulate General of Israel in Dubai Israel and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, and keen to invest in the Israeli business ecosystem,” said Premanand Velumani, Regional Manager of Middle East and Africa.

Applauding the cooperation agreement, Consul General of Israel to Dubai Liron Zaslansky said, “The Abraham Accords have paved the way to fruitful synergies and economic partnerships between Israel and its regional allies. We view Dubai and the UAE as a central connecting point for new markets and prospects, particularly for Israel’s expertise in the technology and innovation sector. We congratulate Zoho and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce on their collaboration, it is an important milestone and we are confident that this is only the beginning of many beneficial alliances.”

According to Anat Bernstein Reich, President of Israel-Asia –

“It is about time that Indian brands will enter the Israeli market, and Zoho being a leading brand in India, is leading the way. We welcome them and are very happy with the collaboration set between our Chamber and Zoho.”