Tour for all Asia Ambassadors at the “Anu” Museum

| 13 February 2024


In early February 2024, the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce organized a guided tour for senior ambassadors and diplomats from Asian embassies in Israel at the “Anu” Museum, museum of the Jewish People.

Present at the meeting were the Chairwoman of the Chamber, Mrs. Anat Bernstein-Reich, and her two deputies – Mr. Ron Doron and Mr. Nadav Ben Yehuda, as well as the CEO of the Chamber, Mrs. Liron Urman.

Diplomats from various Asian embassies in Israel, including Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, and India, attended the tour. Also present were Mr. Ilan Maor, the President of the Israel-China Chamber of Commerce, who accompanied the Chinese embassy team, and Mr. Gilad Majerowicz, the Chairman of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce, who accompanied the Japanese ambassador.

During the visit and tour, the diplomats were impressed by the “October Seventh” exhibit displayed in the museum lobby, as well as by the museum’s impressive permanent exhibition, which presents the ongoing and renewing story of the Jewish people over thousands of years. The embassies of Nepal and Thailand shared that the visit to the museum and introduction to the Jewish tradition and tales were fascinating and meaningful for them.

The ambassadors and diplomats residing in Israel as part of their service are experiencing the country’s complex reality since “October Seventh” and were personally exposed to the complex reality of Israel and the Jewish people in the country and around the world. The decision to hold the significant meeting at the “Anu” Jewish People’s Museum stemmed from the natural connection and the desire of many diplomats to expand their familiarity and deepen their connection with the story of the Jewish people.

The museum stated: “The story of the Jewish people who have known difficult times alongside peak moments and prosperity, gains renewed and significant meaning against the backdrop of the ‘Iron Sword’ war. We were delighted to host the ambassadors and diplomats at the museum, as part of the museum’s important foreign relations activities with the international community.”