South Korea – Tourism and Culture Review

Amit Abekasis | Israel-Asia Ambassadors Program | 17 April 2018

South Korea is a country that is rich with nature, culture and views, and it offers many experiences to those who travel in it. The two main cities, Seoul and Busan, offers a various attractions to the locals and the tourists such as shopping areas, landscapes, skyscrapers and more. The national park of Mount. Seorak is an amazing landscape in the north east side of the country and it is the most famous tourist site in South Korea. Another touristic location in South Korea is the Gyeongbokgung Palace which located in the center of Seoul, among the coffee shops, galleries and skyscrapers.


National days and Holidays
January 27th – Seollal Holiday – this day marks the Korean New Year and a lot of Koreans go to see their family and visit their past away relatives in the grave.
On May the Koreans are celebrating the Child Day, Parents Day and also Teacher Day.
June 6th – Memorial Day – on this day South Koreans remember the soldiers that died for their country. Most of the South Korean casualties are from the South-North Korea War (1950-1953).
August 15th – Liberation Day – on this day the Koreans are celebrating the independence of Korea, which was released from the Japanese regime.
October 3rd – Chuseok Day – It is a celebration of harvest and thanksgiving for the abundant of the earth. On this Day, like Seollal Holiday, it is Customary to travel to visit relatives throughout the country, to eat special food and to play traditional games.