South Korea – Tips for the exporters

Amit Abekasis | Israel-Asia Ambassadors Program | 17 April 2018

Cultural behavior codes: with the influence of the Confucianism, the respect to a man involve age: the older the men is the more experienced he is, and need to respect him on any aspect in life. When you go to a Korean house it is costume not to come empty handed, usually with chocolate, fruits or flowers. Giving a gift is an important gesture in the Korean culture, even if the relationship is far or just business. When you get or hand over a gift, it is costume to serve it with both hands to show respect. At the end, the host accompanies the guest to the door or even all the way to the car.

The Korean men smoking on the streets freely, although it is quite difficult to see in a women in a smoking break. According to the Korean point of view, a woman that smokes indicate on a poor education or lack of ethics.